Red Legacy And Other Stories collection

My first collection is now available in print and ebook! It includes the below five stories. Some of these are also available free online, either at AO3 or as Audio Dramas. The links to those have been preserved in the descriptions below.

Red Legacy 

A Soviet mad scientist tries to do science in her secret lair and also cure her daughter’s illness, while fending off British secret agents, American commando raids, and Russian auditors
10,100 words
Finalist for the 2015 Sidewise Award for Alternative History
Availability: Print collection | eBook collection: Amazon/B&N/SmashwordsAO3 |Free Audio Drama
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First published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Feb 2015


Space Zombies want to save humanity
8,400 words
Availability: Print collection | eBook collection: Amazon/B&N/Smashwords
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First published in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, March/April 2017

Of All Possible Worlds

Lovecraftian horror in ancient Rome – A tale of visceral gladiatorial combat in the Roman arena that quickly turns to hallucinatory madness and confusion
5,000 words
Availability: Print collection | eBook collection: Amazon/B&N/Smashwords | Swords v Cthulhu anthology | AO3Free Audio Drama
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First published in Swords v Cthulhu

Amazing Man

The world’s most powerful superhero finally gets fed up with being insulted by the news media, and being constrained by silly laws meant for flimsy humans
2900 words
Availability: Print collection | eBook collection: Amazon/B&N/SmashwordsAO3
Inspired by the 2015 “Sad Puppies” Hugo Fiasco.

One Hundred Words

The meaning of life can be summarized in one hundred words
600 words
Availability: Print collection | eBook collection: Amazon/B&N/Smashwords | AO3Evil Girlfriend Media
First published at Evil Girlfriend Media


Also available

Amazing Man 2: Love Conquers All

Amazing Man continues to liberate the world, one coup at a time. But when he encounters the only person who can keep secrets from him, will the mystery of this handsome raptor-scientist pick the lock to Amazing Man’s heart?
4400 words
Availability: HereAO3
First published at
Inspired by the 2016 “Rabid Puppies” Hugo Fiasco, and Chuck Tingle’s brilliant counter-trolling of Vox Day.


Voicemail to the afterlife
~15 minutes interactive fiction
Availability: Official Twine version, or in basic HTML
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Through The Never

In an insane universe, madness is a survival trait
4,500 words
Availability: Humans Wanted anthology
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First published in Humans Wanted


New work coming soon in the Writers of the Future 2017 anthology.


In the past I enjoyed entering short-fiction contests, the restrictions one is placed under make it fun. If you’d like, you can see those here. Note that these are VERY early works, as I was still learning to write, and unpolished. For curiosity only.

For tipping, if you’d like. Thanks.


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